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Our Cleaning Diaries

With our team having over 25 years of experience, we have many stories and tips from previous jobs we have completed. 

The stories we share are 100% true and are being shared with you for information as well as to add that personal touch with our customers. Many sites will show you pictures but here at Clean My Place London, we like to not only share the photos, but the story that creates them. 

In the stories we share, you will find tips and advice, alongside a humorous story from our cleaning jobs.  

Diary Entry One - Part One

Doing deep-cleans by yourself – Although very tempting, because it’s like 100% profit in your head as a business owner; Never go and do a deep clean by yourself, it’s too much hard work, too taxing on your body. When you finish, the fatigue you’re left with is equivalent to Jet lag.

It takes you much longer to clean everywhere because you have to make sure you have covered every nok and Craney. And you must remember to cross check your own work repeatedly. When tiredness kicks in everything is more challenging:- checking your work, cleaning another dirty window, finding more invisible cobwebs, still having to finish that monstrous oven, forgot that you still need to get the ladder to check and wipe the dust from on top of the cupboard and when you are finished, you still need to make multiple trips to your car with equipment down several flights of stairs in the badly lit, unsecured flat building. Then all thoughts run through your head. “Who else knows I’m here?”

Often the job stretches to a couple of days because you might need to call it quits for the night or check your work in the light of day. And then when you return in the morning, you wonder what you were doing in the kitchen for all those hours because nothing looks clean.

Unsurprisingly to you, just like clockwork, your deep cleans end up being perfection. However you just spent 12-15 hours of your life scrubbing on your knees yet again, accompanied by a mix of some very toxic chemicals for no good reason.

And that’s because 5 hours ago you said enough is enough, and busted out that bleach and went to town. “Flat ….Meet my little Friend!”

Diary Entry One - Part Two

Teamwork is key for deep cleans the more people you have the more focused the team can be and the less it seems like a monstrosity of a clean. If you get the mix right of the perfect amount of people for the challenge of the job, you are in Mary Poppins territory -“Whistle while you work!” the environment is surprisingly very pleasant, even enjoyable. Everyone is content doing their specialised area. They cross check each other’s work.

It’s easy for you to check and either correct a cleaning area such as brightening a window frame in under a minute or show someone what to do in under a minute and ask them check all similar places.

When managing the team well, the clean begins to evolve into a masterpiece like clockwork. It’s fascinating to see the shift from airborne dust, stray planks of wood, cement, paint, nails, dirt, grime and limescale….to a beautiful highly cleaned, tranquil space that someone can finally call home again.

Photo time is always exciting because you all have finished a great work… and going home is the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are documenting great teamwork, hard work, great organisation and motivation… a job well done!

Also it’s probably not that dark, you all are not tired, in fact probably going to go home and get ready to go out somewhere. You are not chemically attacked because that little friend, I like to call bleach, was used in moderation. And looking at the pictures, the oven looks glorious and you didn’t even have to clean it.

If you get your teams right, you can do more than one major job in one day. And maybe one day you do not even have to be there.

Diary Entry One - Part Three

Teamwork is the way forward for a balanced life and for good mental health and physical health.

Teams are better for safety because anything could happen being on your own in a property.

The key is to make sure you are making a good profit margin, this number is personal to you.

The mix of capabilities in your team and the number of people cleaning compared to the size and challenge of the job, will determine how long they will take and how much money you will ultimately make.

Planning and preparation before the clean and having the right tools, equipment and solutions will keep the time targets tight. It will also stop you team from feeling frustrated or tired. The more you use teams in properties the better you will get in making your teams more profitable.

We work in teams as much as we can. It is a safer environment, It makes the work more enjoyable, less taxing on the body. It cuts the job completion time. You have enough energy and time to do non work related things like quality time with family, friends or “Me time!”

Cleaning Tips

Have you ever done a big clean of your house whether it be hoovering the floors, mopping, or even dusting and then after you’ve finished you look back and think “it doesn’t look any different!” This is one of the many frustrations which comes with cleaning so we here at Clean My Place London have put together our top five tips for vacuuming, mopping, and dusting:

1) Vacuuming is a great way to give your home that clean, fresh, and put together look. It’s also the easiest way to get rid of cobwebs and surface dust. You can quickly annihilate those problems by gliding over your curtains, blinds, walls, and skirting boards. 

2) If you don’t have time to hoover, not to worry, use your feather duster and again glide over your curtains, blinds, walls, and skirtings to get rid of the dust and other unwanted debris such as loose hairs, cobwebs, and more. 

3) If you don’t own a feather duster, a old cloth can be used and do the job just as well. Cover the head of your mop or brush with the cloth for high places. It may sound silly but if you cannot get hold of a cloth or a feather duster, use an old sock on your hands to wipe over your surfaces, skirting boards, fixtures and fittings. 

4) If there is any lingering dust on surfaces/windows/mirrors, you’ll need two cloths, one damp to wipe and pick up dust and the second dry cloth to buff and shine. 

5) Mopping hard floors will give your home the ultimate spring clean look. Soapy water is good enough with a little tea tree oil or lavender oil if you have access to it. Just spray and mop rather than using a bucket of water. It saves your floors and gives you less work in re-mopping to dry and buff. When your spray it is done all at once. Mop backwards towards the door making sure you go with the grain if your floor is wooden. This way you aren’t stepping over your hard work.

By using these five tips, you will be able to see a real difference once the cleaning is done. Your home will look fresh and clean!

Grade Two - 15th Century Listed Building

This is a project we are particularly proud of. We were given the task to clean a grade two, 15th century meeting house which has been transformed into someone’s beautiful, charming, and cosy home. The meeting house was featured in the doomsday book which was written in the year 1086, so certainly parts of this building are extremely old and must be well preserved. 

There was a flood following extensive building work and the process has taken two years so far. 

The clean took place in Chelmsford. We had to be very careful and take great care with the tapestry’s and all the aspects and features of this precious building. Our solutions were carefully selected and diluted so to correctly clean each surface.

It was a pleasure to clean in the midst of so much history.

Nominated in the 'Enfiled Business Awards'

Clean my place London was nominated in the ‘Enfield Business Awards’. We were nominated in the category of ‘Best New Business’.

We are extremely proud to have been nominated for the awards. The best new company is a great category in the awards ceremony, and to be nominated is a huge achievement in itself. 

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